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The 2016 Guide To Online Reputation Management (& a Great New WP Plugin!)
Tuesday, 12 May 2015 12:02

With the growing competition, there are various review websites that provide both positive and negative feedback about companies. Since negative reviews dominate the mindset of customers more easily than the positive ones, it becomes highly crucial for firms to monitor their online reviews. This will benefit not only the firms but its customers as well. ORM is a service that assists business organizations in maintaining their reputation. You might wonder how this service works to help companies maintain this positive repute. Keep reading to find out the various techniques and tools adopted by them.

The first and the most important way is blogging. It is a method through which companies can stay in touch with their customers. Additionally, people also get a chance to share their experiences and concerns with online communities. It is because of this reason that some of the big market giants these days opt for blogs for their companies. They get to know the feedback about their goods and services. Thus, they can take appropriate measures to address the concerns and resolve their queries. The companies can benefit in a big way through satisfied customers and earn a good reputation. Content marketing is another method to build a positive reputation management. Articles are the best tools through which companies can sell their products. Only skilled and experienced SEO writers can deliver such content and help you reach the target audience quickly and efficiently. This can also help you earn goodwill in the market.

Companies should also monitor their online profile and gather information about their goods and services from the client base. This is possible through customer feedback and this feedback WordPress plugin makes it very easy. The target group should not only include customers but suppliers, clients and employees as well. Some of the commonly used techniques to collect feedback are through survey forms, web video conferencing and e-mail contact forms. This assists companies to get honest feedback and thereby improve their weak points.

One important thing to remember is that a systematic ORM of your website encourages customers to explore your business online. This helps you to gain a new customer base and thus widen your horizon. Constant monitoring of your website also helps you in detecting problems at an early stage and take appropriate measures to correct them. Now, it is evident from the above discussion that content management and social networking are integral parts of ORM. There are a few controversial beliefs that negative feedback can never be rectified completely. But, positive feedback can at least be used as a means to appreciate the efforts of these firms in improving their weak points. In order for the firms to take benefit of this service, it is highly important to find a reliable service provider for ORM. Only an experienced company can assist you in tracking down the negative feedback and use SEO as a tool to bring forth your positive feedback pages. With their help, you can also effectively handle the risk of bad reputation. Not only this, they can create websites for your company that can rank high in the global market.

Thus, it is very important for a business organization to ensure effective online reputation management. A single negative comment can damage the reputation that took several years to build. So, you should not ignore these services.

Why I'm Not a Fan of Traditional Reputation Management
Wednesday, 27 January 2016 05:02

With the recent escalation in unethical issues on the online platforms, online reputation management commonly known as ORM is paramount. It is basically a tool used to evaluate the public perception about an individual or an organization. Holding all other factors constant, ORM is a tool whose ultimate goal is to paint a clear picture for consumers of a certain product on the credibility and reliability of the product provider. However the traditional reputation management strategies gave rise to vast unethical issues.

Unethical issues in ORM:

Am sure most of us have come across a site rated with 5 stars, while the services they had offered you the last time you visited them were not up to the mark. This therefore prompts one to ask hard question as to whether whoever rated the site with 5 stars was genuine. This is unethical issue that has cropped up lately as a result of ORM. Many brands, organizations and companies have had to pay some people to pretend to be customers and give a high rating when they aren’t even aware of the quality of services offered. This has arisen in the desperate attempts to woe customers into having a positive image of these companies or sites. However this has had negative effects on the customers since most get influenced and run to these companies only to end up disappointed.

There are also companies that use their own employees to give a positive feedback about them. Worse still some companies get positive feedback for products that they don’t even offer. This raises the question as to how reliable ORM is and to what extend the consumers should trust it. It is therefore important that as much as ORM is an important tool to for analyzing public perception about a brand or individual, the loopholes should be addressed for more accurate results.

The positive side:

As much as there are some negative aspects on ORM especially the traditional online reputation management, there are some positive sides as well. For instances some companies use it to better their services. Whenever they get a negative feedback about their services or product they make attempts to reach out to those particular individuals and try to solve the issue. They even give room for customer feedback where they act immediately by assuring the customers that action shall be taken. It is therefore worth noting that much as some individuals use ORM unethically, some stick to ethics and ensure that their clients get quality services.

Why I'm Not a Fan of Traditional Reputation Management:

The traditional reputation management systems use ways that can never give accurate results since they only focus on a small scale analysis. It is worth noting that in order to get actual facts about the reputation there is need to engage a number of interested parties. When one only considers a small portion of individual there are chances that they will get inaccurate results. Let’s take for instance Microsoft Company. If in a bid to get their reputation and how public view them they went to computer experts, they would get quite inaccurate results. This is because as much as the experts would find their products useful, the public may not have the same opinion. This is perhaps the reason why I don’t like traditional reputation system.

New release of Adsense Integrator is coming!
Monday, 28 June 2010 09:34

Dear all,
our plugin is going better day by day, even if it passed a lot of time since the last major update.

As you can see below from the stats in wordpress.org, our plugin has been already downloaded over 55.000 times!!  

But we are not sleeping, we just focused on other projects.  But now the time has come, Wordpress 3.0 has been released some days ago and we are working on a new version of Adsense Integrator, a similar but distinct plugin, which will be widgets-ready and more.

We will discontinue the development of the old Adsense Integrator, that will be still available for old wp installations and websites.


Here the last stats taken from http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/adsense-integrator


reaching the 20.000 downloads
Thursday, 17 September 2009 13:16

We are proud to announce that our plugin Adsense Integrator has reached 18,988 downloads, growing day by day.

Look at  http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/adsense-integrator/stats/

Really soon we will pass 20.000 downloads and this make us so excited, that we decided to add major improvements to our script, to make it easier and more powerful as actually.

Below you can see the old interface of Adsense Integrator, look at it carefully because it will change a lot in a couple of weeks!

adsense integrator


All the best,
the Adsense Integrator team



1.000 downloads in 10 days!
Sunday, 21 December 2008 02:27

We are glad to announce that our plugin has been downloaded over 1.000 times in just 10 days!

look at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/adsense-integrator/stats/ 

We are excited and stimulated for the development, as you can see by the frequency of the updates.

In the next days we will release our version 1.1.0, in which is included an IP filtering/banning system with alternative text to display instead of the ads.

Meanwhile we are collecting your suggestions and comments, answered and published into a new dedicated section.

Thank you very much for your support!

Adsense Integrator on WordPress.org
Friday, 12 December 2008 17:38

With huge pleasure we annouce that the first version of our plugin Adsense Integrator is now published on WordPress.org:

The plugin was online since yesterday evening and has been already downloaded over 100 times, in less than 24 hours!

It is a great satisfaction for us, this is our first release but we plan to develop other ideas!
We will give you a lot of "WordPress surprises" in the near future, including the second version of our AdSense plugin with many new features inside!

Build your profitable blog with our Adsense Integrator and support us, if you are such a wonderful person! Smile

Thank you!

My WordPress Plugin begins
Saturday, 22 November 2008 10:54

We are pleased to welcome you in this brand new website for WordPress Plugins.

The aim of this project is to develop a series of useful WordPress components, modules, plugins and add-ons.

Stay tuned for the publishing of our first wp plugin called Adsense Integrator.

It is a really powerful and user-friendly plugin to insert and manage your Google Adsense ads into your blog, fast and easy to use.